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Mt. Erciyes Alpine Ski Touring Ascent (3917 m.)

Skinning Up the Biggest Volcano of Central Anatolia 


Best Season

Tour Type



: 2 Days
: Winter
: Backcountry Ski
: Camp/Mountain Hut
: Moderate – Hard 



 Mt Erciyes is standing extinct volcano in central Anatolia.It covered the magic Cappadocia landscape with volcanic dust and tufa as also they made the region so valuable by rich agricultural soil. Mt Erciyes is the highest summit of Central Anatolia and one of the most well known ski centre all around Turkey just in the heart of Turkey. Any traveler passing through the Central Anatolian plain will realizes this huge volcanic massive. The majestic view of the mountain is just so attractive that we can not remain blind to visitors interest to climbing trip. Climbing up to this majestic mountain is intermediately challenging but the view and feelings will be worth for that.

Ancient geographer Strabo tells of Mount Argeus (Erciyes Volcano)  in his great book named Geographika. He tells about the possibility to see Black Sea and Mediterian Sea from the summit of Argeus. We know today its not possible, but we can feel the effect of this giant on his brain.

It is possible to combine your trip with other tours and extend your vacation in central Anatolia or in Turkey. If you would like a longer trip in Cappadocia and Aladaglar with the trekking and  other climbing options , or visit some of the ‘musts’ in Turkey, please contact us.

For sure that diachronic  Argeus Volcano  will leave you in its spell – definitely an adventure worth the pursuit.


Itinerary Outline

Day 1:  Meet at the airport of Kayseri, lunch  and transfer to Erciyes Ski Center. Trek to the camp site. Dinner at the camp.

Day 2: Early breakfast , climb to the summit. Descend to the camp, pick the camp up and trek back to ski resort.







Day 1: Departure from Ankara by private vehicle. Arrival at Erciyes Ski Resort. Ascent to camp.

We will depart from Ankara at 06:00 a.m. in the morning. According to our plan, we will be in Kayseri at noon. We will take a short break in the city for the last needs and lunch. We set out for the Erciyes Ski Resort. Time is very important to us due to the shortening of daylight hours in winter. After a short preparation at the ski resort, we will reach a height of approximately 2750 m with lifts. From here, we reach the Çobanini after a short walk.

Our camp site is a plain called Çobanini. (Please read the note below) Campsite preparation is a must for winter camps. Welcome to the playground of real mountaineering. We will strengthen our harmony and knowledge exchange with our team after we build as good snow walls as possible and set up our camp according to the snow situation. Today, we have a short activity where we will review our knowledge and talk about our security measures. It is very important that we rest well, because we will start the climb very early in the morning.

Altitude Above Sea Level: Erciyes Ski Resort 2250 m, Çobanini Region 3000 m
Approximate Vehicle Transfer Time: 5 hours
Activity Duration: 1
– 2 Hours
Meals Included:

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do our climbing and ski trips to Erciyes mostly by staying in the rescue cabin located near the last station of the chair lifts instead of the camp. Thus, we carry much less weight and become light. Our accommodation here may vary depending on availability. Before the climb, our participants will be informed about this during the reservation, confirmation and preparation process.

Day 2: Erciyes Summit Ascent. Gathering the camp, preparing and returning to Ankara.

We will wake up in the morning and start climbing after a quick breakfast and preparation. Our route will be one of the route on the side of the mountain facing us. Our experienced guides are in charge for making this decision. We will choose our route according to the best snow and safety conditions. We can pass short-steep or technical stages with our skis on our backs. Therefore, it is important that your bags are suitable for carrying touring skis. In this remote location and tranquillity of the mountain, it is an outstanding experience to break trails to this huge summit. You will be at the top of Mt Erciyes this morning, when the other are still sleeping down in the city. Cities and plains painted white below us will be the other majestic mountains of Central Anatolia in our distant panorama.

After a short scenic break, we begin or ski descent as carefully as we can, following our safety procedures. After resting and gathering at the camp, we will go down to the ski resort to meet our vehicle. You can take advantage of the lifts for your excess loads on the descent.

You can test the richness of local cuisine once again on the way back!

Altitude Above Sea Level: Erciyes Peak 3917 m.
Approximate Vehicle Transfer Time: 5 – 6 hours
Activity Time: 6 – 8 hours
Meals Included: –





Tour Dates & Prices

 Best Season:Winter 

​Please ask for new prices for group of min  6, max 14 pax.

For groups under 6 people, please also  contact us.

Please ask our special prices for closed groups and Travel Agencies

Price Includes


Tour leadership, mountain guidance and counselling throughout the tour
Transportation from Ankara to Ankara
Cable lift tickets*
First-aid kit
General safety equipment

Travel Insurance
Free helmet, ice-axe, crampons
Tents and mattresses on request for free of charge
Minimum 1 ski tour leader is at your service for ski groups of 4-8 people.


 Price Does Not Include

Personal demands**


* The operation of mechanical facilities (ski lifts, gondolas, etc.) depends on the weather conditions and rarely, maintenance and repair operations of Erciyes Ski Resort. Montis Trips & Expeditions is not responsible for mechanical facilities that cannot be operated. The program may be changed according to the mechanical facilities operating under these conditions and/or walking to the camp site.

**Camping equipment, personal technical equipment (tent, mat, helmet, ice-axe, crampons) are provided free of charge on request. Personal equipment such as touring skis and split boards, avalanche beacons are not included in our price. A limited number of shovels and avalanche probes are available free of charge as well.

 Meals at the Camp

– In this camp, participants organize their own meals.
– However, since it is a short camp, there is no need for a detailed plan
– It’s possible to get the food done with just sandwiches
– If you wish, you can create a delicious camp kitchen with a simple camping stove, a camping kit and easy-to-cook food

Single Accommodation:

SNG accommodation is not possible on this tour due to safety reasons.

Sleeping Bag Rental: 10 euro




Winter camping

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We do our climbing and ski trips to Erciyes mostly by staying in the rescue cabin located near the last station of the chair lifts instead of the camp. Thus, we carry much less weight and become light. Our accommodation here may vary depending on availability. Before the climb, our participants will be informed about this during the reservation, confirmation and preparation process.








Travel Plan

Meeting Spots for Participants from Ankara

MONTIS Trips & Expedition Office

Departure Time: 05.45

Tunus St. University Stops

Departure Time: 06.00

Meeting spots for passengers joining out of Ankara

Ankara Bus Terminal (A.Ş.T.İ)
Ulusoy Söğütözü Terminal
Time: 05.30

*Kayseri Centrum- Get information from our office for meeting place, time and available flights!

*Participants coming from outside of Ankara should contact us to confirm meeting details and return details.

Note: Our company is not responsible about the changes on the flights by the operators or airlines.



Holders of most European passports,UK, Austrian, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish and US passports require visas. Visas must be obtained in advance, passengers need to obtain an e-visa prior to their arrival. This can be done online at for approximately US$20. The visa is valid for a stay of up to three months (dependent on passport holder's nationality). For a longer stay a visa from a Turkish Embassy is required. Please click for visa requirements to Turkey for detailed information:




There are no mandatory vaccination requirements.



If travelling in Winter you must be prepared for snow falling and 0-5 C degrees maximaly in day time in the cities. 




Mt Erciyes is quiet different than this especially in winter. But as all mountains Mt Erciyes has its own weather and climate characteristics. Mt Erciyes is a strato volcano that self stands on a huge plateau. That is why it collects all the clouds that rise during the day by heating. That creates its precipitation characteristics. Erciyes Mountain generates its own weather conditions; it is not wise to depend on weather forecasts. The peak is subject to severe winds, and sudden changes in temperature.. One has to be equipped for the worst, and one has to know when to quit.



In Winter, daytime temperature is usually -10 to 4 C degrees in  and night temperatures are -22  to -5 C degrees at the campsites without windchill affect .



Is this trip for you?


Activity Level:  Moderate / Moderate – Hard (3-4)

Click here to see the difficulty grading


This trip gives you the chance to climb the highest summit of Central Anatolia with the views of Aladaglar and Sultan Marshes  on  the South ,  Hasan Volcano on the South East. 

Sultan Marshes are arround 1 hour away from the Erciyes ski resort with  21,000-hectare expanse of wetlands that attract a wide range of birdlife - 301 different species at the last count. This is one of the best places to go birdwatching in Turkey

Erciyes Volcano is close to Cappadocia, arround  1:30 hours.  This unique volcanic area is one of the worth to see spot with its historical and jeological background. You can have a chance to trek in the valleys  surrounded with magical fairy chimneys and to hear old stories of very first christians who lived in rock dwellings. Also you can experience to Mountain Biking Tours  for pro single trackers and  sunday afternoon riders.


Transportation Of The Equipments


Your entire luggage will be transferred to the Erciyes Ski resort by coach.



Equipment List


Click here to download equipment list

For further infomation please send us an email to

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