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We are neither just guides or travellers nor just a company. We are passionates for exploring hundreds of adventure, expeditions and summits while leaving thousands of friends beyond us. We are travelling freaks whose footprints always remain fresh on the dunes, rocks, ancients streets of historical cities as well as rivers and in the forests. Our hearts beat to design new journeys for our travel mates.


We are tourism professionals who put travelling, climbing and being in the nature at center of our lives.


We are enthusiastic earth lovers whose hair is blown by the wind in desert or sometimes on majestic peaks. We are tour leaders with open arms welcoming the ones who are willing to experience this freedom with us.


We are aware that every single journey is an exploration itself which is happiness that changes the meaning of our lives.


We are travel instructors who pay as same attention and precision to travel plans of our guests as well as ours.


Owing to our experience, we believe that we empathise with the dreams and thus, meet the needs each and every guest.


We know that a journey would be the most beautiful one when we arrive home safely. We take care of your safety and happiness above all and the most.


Working collaboratively and in equal conditions with our colleagues, co-operative staff and tour leaders is one of our core values and it makes us stronger.


We embrace the natural and cultural dıversity in our planet and acknowledge our responsibility for them.



We aim to bring a authentic aspect to travel business as tourism professionals of MONTIS, originates its name and power from the mountains.



Eco Friendly Approach

We carry out our travels and trips in nature respectfully and responsibly to all environmental factors. We take maximum care and attention to carry out our minimum impact principle and our zero impact target in every tour.

Participant Friendly

We consider our participants as our companions on our travels together and  our main target is make them gain the most benefit as they can get

Respect To Local Cultures

We treat respectfully to  local cultures, societies  with non-discrimination to religion, language, race and gender. We take care of working with local human resources without causing cultural degeneration.

Sustainable Tourism





We aim at the sustainability of tourism, nature, living culture, countries and natural environment that we are in. We do not perform tours that may be a threat to sustainability for any element.

Confidence & Experience





Most valuable feedbacks of our participants are "confidential" and  "experienced"  that in this case these are our debts, not our promises.

      Safety &   






We take all the precautions for health and safety in our tours, and we regularly train all our staff for the safety of our employees as well as our guests.

Innovative Travel Services

We work hard to create our products away from clichés and imitations through authenticity and providing added value.

Accurate Leadership

The most valuable asset of our human resources is our leaders whom we train as responsible companions. We always strive to make sure that our leaders are experienced, capable to take initiative, dynamic, knowledgeable, with high level of communication skills.  




Tourism Agency Name: MONTIS Trips & Expeditions Tourism Agency

TÜRSAB ( Association Of Turkish Travel Agencies) 

Member ID: A-8410

Publishing Editor: Ercan Selim KOLBAKIR

Ankara Chamber of Trade Trade Member ID: 315053

Mersis Number: 0622061039000010315053

Tax ID: 6220610390
Tax Office: Segmenler

Address: Ahmet Rasim Sok. No: 1/A, Çankaya, Ankara

Phone: + 90 312 440 05 85

Email: info@montis.com.tr

Competent Auditing Authority: TURSAB – +90 212 236 49 66



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