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Trip Leader

Ercan Selim KOLBAKIR

He has been in outdoor tourism business as a tour leader, multi activity tour guide,mountain guide and finally operation manager since his university study. He is also a volunteer for search and rescue associations as a mountain rescuer. Ercan is the partner founder of the company. We can describe him as very positive easy going travel mate, a patient tour leader with lots of experience and love to his job. He usually guides for our Mt Ararat Expeditions, Kilimanjaro Expeditions, Mt Damavand Expeditions, Atlas mountains as well as our adventure and culture trips in differents countries. He is also our alpine ski touring guide. He speaks fluent English and a little German. He is certifed with International Wilderness First Aid Certificate, American Heart Association CPR and AED Certification, Canadian Avalanche Association Avalanche Awareness L1 and L2 Certifications.




Trip Leader


Leaving his long-term job, Gökhan has pursued the spirit of exploration and chose to be one the three founding partners of Montis Trips and Expeditions.

Since he started mountaineering in '94, he has been exploring the planet intimately by walking or climbing.

Gökhan, who enhance our company and expeditions with his organizational skills, has climbed Aconcagua (6962 m) in Southern America, Mont Blanc (4810 m) in the Alps, Elbrus (5642 m) in Russia, Kazbek (5047 m) in Georgia, driven across Patagonia (Ruta 40) and leaded several expeditions in Himalayas, Caucasus, Taurus, Kaçkar Mountains and Mount Ararat. He is also addicted to ski touring.

He is a neat and highly disciplined organizator besides being a positive and joyful host.

He speaks English fluently. He has ESCI (Emergency Care & Safety Institute) International First Aid in Wilderness Certification, American Heart Association CPR and AED Certifications. He is also licensed ham radio operator.



Operation Manager

Trip Leader


His mountaineering career started in 1993 as a fellow member of  H.U.D.DO.S.K (Hacettepe University Mountaineering & Outdoor Sports Club). As being experienced, he had a become a long time volunteer as an instructor in the club. He brought his leadin skills out to tourism professionalism and guided for trekking and climbing tours between 1998-2017 at different adventure travel companies.( in Ankara,Cappadocia,Antalya regions) He joined MONTIS Trips & Expeditions in 2017, October as a partner and trip leader. Ozgur’s cheerful and friendly manner added a positive value on his calm and experienced character in the mountains. It is always a unique chance to have him as a leader. He has a great variety of experiences over different places. He has trekked, travelled, summited and guided in Aladag Mountains, Bolkar Mountains,Mount Ararat, Suphan, Erciyes, Hasan Volcanos, Kackar Mountains, Bey Mountains, Lycian Way, Saint Paul Trail, Carian Trail, Cappadocia Trails, Otzal Alps-Austria, Algau Alps-Germany, Eastern Sierra Mountains and Yosemite Nevada-US. He is certificated for ‘’Wilderness First Aid, ECSII’’ and ‘’CPR&AED, AHA (American Heart Association ). He is also a permanent member of AKUT (Search and Rescue Team). He is good at downhill and backcountry skiing and ornitology. He has a good level of English and beginner level of Italian.


Operation Assistant
Trip Leader


Onat has been started to be on mountains and nature adventures since 2007 in the forests of Uludag,Bursa. Onat has been professionally and voluntarily instructing new members of his mountaineering club since 2011.  Onat has an bachelor degree in Geological Enginneering and has been in many  geology projects in the mountains. He is a specialist of technical routes and trekking routes in Aladaglar, Also he was a climbing leader and rock climbing instructor in winter and summer on many mountains such as Kackar Mountains, Mount Ararat, Tahtali, Tunc Mountain, Hasan, Erciyes, Uludağ and Suphan Volcanoes. Onat's life motto is to discover, have fun and climb. In 2016, he joined to the Montis Team with his dynamism and joy, which is the youngest member of the team. Onat can speak English. He holds International ESCI First Aid Certificate in Nature, American Heart Association CPR and AED certificates, Iraqi L1 and Sprat L2 certificates.


Trip Leader


Our trips and expedition are a richly valued by Mustafa’s leadership and experience. He has an impressive experience on Turkey’s and world’s climbing and trekking routes. He is a passionate traveller and a succesful alpinist who trekked and climbed in Andeas, Pamirs, Tien Shans, Alps, Caucassus and Himalayas. He also achieved to reach the top of the planet, Mt Everest! He speaks fluent French and English.
with no doubt, he is the most experienced leader of the team about Nepal. He lead and organised many culture – trek tours in Nepal. He is a real Nepal freak. Mustafa’s participation will put a spell on your trip!


Trip Leader


He started climbing in 2004 with H.U.D.DO.S.K (Hacettepe University Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club). He served in various branches of his club. Since then, he has been climbing in Aladağlar, Kaçkarlar, Erciyes and Hasan Volcanoes, Uludag Kesistepe and Western Taurus Mountains and rock climbing regions such as Sivrihisar, Karakaya, Huseyin Gazi Rocks and Geyikbayiri. His climbing career includes many first , first winter ascends, new routes and first repeats,especially in Aladaglar.(Turkish Dolomites). He has a good knowledge of  strength and endurance training. He is still working as an instructor at HUDDOSK.He holds International ESCI First Aid Certificate in Nature, American Heart Association CPR and AED certificates


Trip Leader

Fevzi Renan Koçyiğit

In 2003, he moved his interest in climbing and nature sports to a higher level by entering H.U.D.DO.S.K (Hacettepe University Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club) in 2003. Since then, while working as an instructor in mountaineering club, he has many first winter and summer ascents  at Aladaglar .Also he has been climbing Erciyes, Hasan Mountains and the Western Taurus Mountains .He loves to climb in traditional and sports rock routes. He is a graduated of Biology and speaks English fluently. Having a pedagogical formation certificate and having experience working with young people in nature, Renan has combined his love for wildlife with mountaineering.He holds International ESCI First Aid Certificate in Nature, American Heart Association CPR and AED certificates


Trip Leader

Gizem Mut

Combining her passion for mountains and nature with H.U.D.DO.S.K (Hacettepe University Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club) in 2016, Gizem is one of the youngest leaders of our team. He is continuing her education in Interior Architecture at Hacettepe University. He is a member of the board of directors in H.U.D.DO.S.K and takes part in instructor team.She made several climbs on Aladaglar, Hasan Mountain and Erciyes Mountain. She also performs traditional rock climbing and sports climbing in regions such as Geyikbayiri, Karakaya and Sivrihisar. She speaks English. She has ESCI First Aid Certificate in Nature, American Heart Association CPR and AED certificates.


Trip Leader

Ali Taha Beyit

Taha, who started climbing and skiing at a very young age, shaped his life around these disciplines in the following years. He is climbing, hiking and touring skis in various parts of the country, especially Kaçkarlar. He continues his undergraduate education in English Language and Literature at Hacettepe University and takes on the post of instructor at his school's mountaineering club H.U.D.DO.S.K . Having good command of English. Taha holds ESCI First Aid Certificate in Nature and American Heart Association CPR and AED certificates.

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