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Saint Paul Trail 

Exploring The Pisidian Kingdom  after the footsteps of Saint Paul 


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: 7 Days

: Spring/Autumn

: Trekking

: Pensions

: Moderate

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On some of his long journeys to spread Christianity, St. Paul tried to christianise the people  in the Pisidian region of Roman  Empirement. The challenges of reliving people to a new religion are certain, but the more difficult is to move in this geography. We are confident that St. Paul ascended to the North through the lakes, especially through the canyons with  full of cascading waters, through the Taurus Mountains  and the rock chimneys  such as "Man Rocks" . But  this difficult geography that keeps the region untouched even today.


We invite you to be part of this untouched and out of the crowd trail.


Itinerary Outline

Day 1: Meeting at Antalya Airport. Historical visit to old city of Antalya. Overnight in Kaleici (Inner Castle)

Day 2: Drive to Lebanon Cedar Forest near Saint Paul Trail. Visit  to Old Roman Bridge, Selge Ancient City-Adam Kayalar "Man rocks" trek.

Day 3: Selge-Caltepe Trek

Day 4: Kesme-Kasimlar Trek

Day 5: Tota Pasture-Kasimlar Trek 

Day 6: Sipahiler-Serpil Trek 

Day 7: Visit to Adada ancient city,Antalya Airport Transfer.






Day 1: Meeting at Antalya Airport.Lunch. Historical visit to old city of Antalya.Overnight in Kaleici.

 After your arrival the one of airports of Antalya, we will pick you up from airport and transfer to our hotel. (Transfer time is 30  mins from Antalya Airport to Kaleici, Old Town of Antalya)  After check in , we will have time to visit of old town. Emperor Hadrian Gate,  old mansions,  old harbor and Antalya and  historic minarets and towers from Seljuk Empriment period. After a sunset , we will enjoy our welcome dinner and detailed briefing.

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 1 hour.
Approx. Trek Time:-
Meals included: Lunch-Dinner

Day 2: Drive to Lebanon Cedar Forest near Saint Paul Trail. Visit  to Old Roman Bridge, Selge Ancient City-Adam Kayalar "Man rocks" trek. 

After breakfast ,we will have a 2 hour  transfer to Selge Ancient City , start point of our day walk. First we will spend some time at ancient Roman Bridge over the Koprucay river.After this tastefull photograph break, we will continue our way and  just under the timberline, we will have a quick stop to see biggest Lebanon Cedar Forest of the world. We will take off from our bus and start to discover the city of Selge, the capital of Pisidia . Amphitheatre, hippodrome and necropolis are worth to see places of this unexcavated city. And time to walk ! We will start to follow Saint Paul Trail  via ancient terraces.Adam Kayalar "Man Rocks" will suddenly welcomes us.Those rock formations here for a miliions of years, since this terrain was under the sea. Sedimantation  And our path will take us  to the bed of Koprucay river. After take a fresh breath nearby the cold water, we will have a couple of km's of walk to meet our vehicle. Short transfer to Caltepe.We will spend the night in wooden bungolows .

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 2:30 hours

Approx. Trek Time:3-4 Hours

Meals included: Breakfast - Lunch (Picnic) - Dinner

Day 3: Selge-Delisarnic-Caltepe Trek 

 After breakfast, we will have a transfer for 40 mins to Selge Ancient City. Our walk will start from the necropolis and will follow a silent tarmac for a short time and enter a ancient paved roman road in to the forest. Delisarnic is our next village to discover  cisterns which are formed with in the Adam Kayalar. Water is so important here ,especially in summer times. So people use the sides of Adam Kayalar to make great cisterns. Just afterthe village , we will enter path will take us to Kestanelik. Here is a small neigborhood that you can explore  the rural life. Our path will descend to abondened animal shelters to Caltepe.

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 50 mins

Approx. Trek Time:5-6 Hours

Meals included: Breakfast - Lunch (Picnic) - Dinner

Day 4: Kesme-Kasimlar Trek 

After breakfast, we will have a transfer for 50 mins to Kesme Town.  This town has many beautifull examples  a unique ottoman  chalet architecture. Our route will take us in to the rural side of Pisidian Mountains. We will see the ruins of an ancient temple when getting close to the pasture of Belsarnic. (1300 m.) This green pasture is a very comfortable place for the Yoruk's and their animals since the water cisterns and wells. After this area, we have a smooth and  scenic descent to the road. Time to transfer back to our  pension in Caltepe village .

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 1:30 hour

Approx. Trek Time:5 Hours

Meals included: Breakfast - Lunch (Picnic) - Dinner

Day 5: Tota Pasture-Kasimlar Trek 

After breakfast, we will have a 1:30 hour transfer to the starting point of the walk in Kasimlar. After 6-7 km's , we will start to see Emerdin, Bozburun and Dedegol Mountain regions of Western Taurus Mountains from arround 1700 m. On the way ,we will have a chance to see a Byzantine Basilica . Our route will ascend to 1750 m. and we will start to descend to 1500 m's to meet our vehicle .And time to back to  Kasimlar village . . Overnight in our new pension in Kasimlar.

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 1:30  hours

Approx. Trek Time:3-4 Hours

Meals included: Breakfast - Lunch (Picnic) - Dinner

Day 6: Sipahiler-Serpil Trek 

After a nice village, breakfast, we will hit the road again and after 40 mins, we will be at the starting point of the today's walk. Sipahiler is a very small village which has 200 people of population . Our walk will start from the center of village and we will have a chance to see rural life of the folks. On the first km we will ascend arround 200m. and decend to a platoo with a fountain named Soldier Fountain (Asker Cesmesi). We will pass an natural oak tree forest for next km's  and descend to Serpil village to meet our bus. Overnight in our  pension in Kasimlar.

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 1:30  hours

Approx. Trek Time: 3-4 Hours

Meals included: Breakfast - Lunch (Picnic) - Dinner

Day 7:Visit to Adada ancient city Antalya Airport Transfer.

After berakfast, we will get ready to leave Pisidian Land. After a 45 mins of transfer, we will have a short visit in the acient city of Adada. Although the date of establishment of the city is not known  certainly,  an agreement between Termesos and Adada is mentioned in the text from 2nd Century B.C . Considering that coins of city were printed in the 1st century BC , it is thought that the city was founded earlier than this date.After discovering the ruins of theater, basilica , we will walk on King Road which is a part of ancient autoban. We will have 1:45 min transfer to the Antalya İnternational Airport. This the time of saying goodbye.

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 2:30  hours

Approx. Trek Time: 1 Hour

Meals included: Breakfast 

Tour Dates & Tour Price

Best Season: April-May /September-October

Please ask for new prices for group of min  6, max 14 pax.

​For groups under 6 people, please contact us.

Please ask our special prices for closed groups and Travel Agencies

Price Includes

MONTIS Trips & Expeditions Leader & Guiding (English Speaking)
All Ground Transfers Mentioned In The Program    

All Meals Mentioned In The Program
Bed and Breakfast Accommodation At Twin Rooms Mentioned Pensions

First Aid Kit


Price Does Not Include

Entrance Fees For Historical Sights And Parks

Personal Equipment (Backpack, walking poles, shoes etc.)

Out Of Program Demands And Expenses

Meals Which Are Not Mentioned In The Program

Beverages In The Hotels And Restaurants,









Barca Pension in Caltepe Village, Manavgat, Antalya: Our small pension is run by Erdinc and his family. Erdinc is a local trekking guide, the volunteer of Saint Paul Trail from the first day and the headman of the village. He has a flock of sheep and small vegetable yard. His wife is very skillful  cook and very talended to turn raw food in to delicious specialties.Those cozy bungolows are with private bathroom and WC facilities.

St.Paul Yol Pension-Kasimlar, Sutculer, Isparta : Our  family oriented pension is just on the Saint Paul Trail and just the out side of Kasimlar Village.We are now in another city called Isparta belong the lake district of Turkey. These higher villages are much more closer the fountain of the Aksu River  which is the creator of Koprulu canyon. Abdurrahman and his wife are very first volunteers of Eco Tourism on our trail. You will love their good humour and her savoury foods.Our rooms are with private bathroom and WC facilities.







Travel Plan

Recommended Domestic Flights:


This itinerary starts and ends in Antalya Airport ,Turkey. Some domestic flights are recommended to /from Antalya to connect flights to international flights. Please ask for a confirmation before you purchased your flights.

Itinerary can be customized for individuals and groups due to their travel plan. Domestic flights, extra tours and city sightseeing can be added to form an itinerary from/to Ankara and/or Istanbul.

Please contact us for any requests.

Note: Our company is not responsible about the changes on the flights by the operators or airlines.



Holders of most European passports,UK, Austrian, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish and US passports require visas. Visas must be obtained in advance, passengers need to obtain an e-visa prior to their arrival. This can be done online at for approximately US$20. The visa is valid for a stay of up to three months (dependent on passport holder's nationality). For a longer stay a visa from a Turkish Embassy is required. Please click for visa requirements to Turkey for detailed information:




There are no mandatory vaccination requirements.

Eating and Drinking


Food in Turkey is generally very good and varied, making use of fresh local ingredients. Breakfasts normally include boiled eggs, omelets, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, honey or jam and yoghurt, olives and bread. Picnic lunches are provided for trekking days.
Pension restaurants in this trip are specialized in local  dishes (Beef,chicken and veggie  kebaps, trout Ravioli Turk, Gozlemes,  mezes ,green salad and soup.) Vegetarians are well catered for.




If travelling in July and August you must be prepared for high temperatures up to 35 deg C down in the lower levels. . Otherwise spring and Autum seasons are very suitable for trekking. Temperature is arround 15-25  C. day time. Rain is possible, especially in Spring and Autumn.


Is this trip for you?



Activity Level: 3 (Moderate)


Click here to see the difficulty grading

This trip gives you the chance to see the people of the region who still know how to survive in this  tough terrain like in ancient Pisidia. It is more possible to understand why Alexander the Great and then the Romans never achieved complete domination here. You will be witness to  the serenity of   Taurus Mountains,  fascinating gigantic canyon views,  and the biggest  forest of Lebanese Cedar. Adam Kayalar, a geological wonder, and the Ottoman period houses of the magnificent Ottoman craftsmanship in Kesik. We're going to St. Paul's Road. 


 However, to enjoy this trip to the full, a fair level of fitness and physique are required. 

The itinerary is very active and long periods of time are spent outdoors. Anyone can have a day-off, rest in the hotel and enjoy the town in case they get tired. There is a trek in second day, we have an opportunity to enjoy swim in Aksu river ,  so  a pack-towel and swimsuit might be a good idea. 


Please note that the Tour Leader reserves the right to refuse participation of any client on any activities on safety grounds or if they feel that their participation will compromise the safety and enjoyment for the rest of the group. 

The order of activities, trekking routes may be changed to suit local weather conditions.




You are recommended to have a duffle bag. Only a day pack will be carried during the day. Duffle bags, suitcases will be transferred by vehicles from lodge to another once at the spot.


Click here to download equipment list

For further infomation please send us an email to

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