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Mt Ararat Expedition (5137m.)

A Journey to the Top of Anatolia’s Sacred Mountain.


Best Season

Tour Type



: 7 Days

:  July – August

: High Altitude

: Hotel & Camp

: Moderate




Mt Ararat , the highest summit in Anatolia, is an extinct volcano with an elevation of 5165 m , tough some sources give it as 5137 m. Located in Eastern Anatolia , 25 km inland from the borders of Armenia and Iran,this immense, cone shaped mountain has a diameter of 40 km at its base. So this gigantic volcano massive is not something that you can easily missed and stay uncaptivated.

Some of the fame in the history,Marco Polo, was also very much impressed ages ago and expressed as ‘’ …there is a very high mountain upon which Noah’s Ark is said to rest. It is so wide andd long, that it takes over 2 days to travel around it. The deep snow on the summit stays year-round and none can climb to the summit’’ ( around 1295 AD ).The belief, which Marco Polo expressed had been perpetuated till to 1829, when Parrot did the first ascent.

This expedition is a wonderful choice as a week trip to the highest peak of Turkey.Beside the focused target to the top, the itinerary also consists side trips to the spots that are marvels tobehold. The mountain has a biblical attribution as the final resting of Noah’s Ark. Mt Ararat attracts the attentions and interests of adventure seekers beyond the sportive purposes.The local life, authentic atmosphere allows participants to discover the Eastern Anatolia’s character.

7 days program suits the best for acclimatization for all type of participants. It is recommended to have longer programs out of the best season periods mentioned above to minimize the risk due to climate facts.

This 7-day program affords a relatively easy ascent of the summit to all who are in good physical condition and are accustomed to hike in higher elevations.  It is even suitable for those who have never been to elevations above 5,000 meters.While designing this classic program we have allowed for one day to acclimatize by ascending to 4,200 meters, then returning to base camp. Both camps will include kitchen and dining facilities quite luxury up on a mountain.Participants will accommodate in high altitude tents for two. Instructions will be done by your guides including how to use technical equipment.

It is possible to combine your trip with other tours and extend your vacation in East Anatolia or in Turkey.If you would like a longer trip in Eastern Anatolia and climb Mt Ararat, or visit some of the ‘musts’ in Turkey, please contact us.

For sure that fabled Mt. Ararat will leave you in its spell – definitely an adventure worth the pursuit.


Itinerary Outline

Day 1: Meet at the airport of Van, Igdir or Agri  and transfer to the hotel in Dogubayazit

Day 2: Transfer to Mt Ararat –Cevirme Village,2200 m – Ascent to 3350 m camp

Day 3: Acclimatization Camp 1 – Camp 2 ( 4200 m ) – Camp 1

Day 4: Camp 1 – Camp 2

Day 5: Camp 2 – Summit Attempt – Camp 1

Day 6: Camp 1 – Dogubeyazit

Day 7: Dogubeyazit – Van. Return







​​​​Day 1: Meet at the airport of Van, Igdir or Agri   and transfer to the hotel in Dogubeyazit

Montis Trips & Expeditions Guides will welcome you at the airport of Van, Igdir or Agri   and transfer you to the hotel. We will visit Ishak Pasha Palace on our way to the hotel. We will have a rest break after check in the hotel. After relaxing in your rooms you will have briefing about the expedition by our leaders and team in the hotel and have dinner.

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 3 Hours
Approximate Activity Time: –
Approximate Altitudes: –
Meals included: Dinner

Day 2: Transfer to Mt Ararat –Cevirme Village,2200 m – Ascent to 3350 m camp

In the morning we will load up the vehicle ( probably vans or possible a truck ) then leave our hotel and drive towards Mt. Ararat. On our way we will stop by the station for the confirmation of permits. We will reach the last point that can be reached by car, and there our porters and mules will take our luggage to take it to the 3,350 m campsite.

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 2 Hours
Approximate Activity Time: 4-5 Hours
Approximate Altitudes: Cevirme Village, 2200 m – 3350 m Camp
Meals included: Breakfast-Lunch (picnic)-Dinner

Day 3: Acclimatization Camp 1 – Camp 2 ( 4200 m ) – Camp 1

After breakfast in the morning we will continue with our hike to the 4,200m campsite for acclimatization. This trek will not be a difficult one and will take about 4 hours. But the weather may get rougher as we go higher. We will ascend rather slowly. In the afternoon we will enjoy viewing the surrounding lands from the higher slopes of Mt Ararat. Afterwards we will return to our campsite again.

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: –
Approximate Activity Time: 6-7 Hours
Approximate Altitudes: Camp 1 (3350 m)– Camp 2 ( 4200 m ) – Camp 1 (3350 m)
Meals included: Breakfast-Lunch (picnic)-Dinner



Day 4: Camp 1 – Camp 2

Today we will hike up to our 4,100m campsite. Our luggage will be carried by the mules and we will enjoy the wonderful scenery of the mountain while ascending the gentle paths. After we check in the camp we will have a short briefing about the personal skills and the summit attempt.

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: –
Approximate Activity Time: 4 Hours
Approximate Altitudes: Camp 1 (3350 m)– Camp 2 ( 4100 m )
Meals included: Breakfast-Lunch (picnic)-Dinner

Day 5: Camp 2 – Summit Attempt – Camp 1*

Summit Day. If the weather conditions are favorable, we will try to summit today. We will get up late at night and will be hiking to the summit when it is stil dark. By the dawn you will enjoy the fascinating panoroma. Again the paths are not difficult. The only significant thing to be careful about is the altitude. That is why the acclimatization climb we did before will be helpful. An icy traverse may be required while crossing to the 5000 m plataeu. Leaders will cover all the safety isssues if essential.We usually descent down to first camp after some relaxation at Camp 2 depending on the conditions.

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time:-
Approximate Activity Time: 9-10 Hours
Approximate Altitudes: Camp 2 ( 4200 m ) – Summit (5137 m)-Camp 1 (3350 m)
Meals included: Breakfast-Lunch (picnic)-Dinner​

Day 6: Camp 1 – Cevirme Village – Dogubeyazit


In the morning we will descend to our starting point with a 5-6 hour hike. Our bus will be waiting for us there. Then we will drive to Dogubeyazit for overnight.

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 2 Hours

Approximate Activity Time: 4-5 Hours

Approximate Altitudes: Camp 1 (3350 m) - Cevirme Village (2200 m)

Meals included:  Breakfast-Lunch (picnic)-Dinner


Day 7 :Dogubeyazit - Van

Departure day. We will transfer to the Van, Igdir or Agri   Airports.


Vehicle Transfer: 3 Hours

Trek: ---

Accommodation: ---

Meals included: B

Terrain: Road Trip





Tour Dates & Prices

Departure Dates: 22th-28th June 2024 // 29th June-5th July 2024 // 6th-12th July 2024 // 13rd-19th July 2024 // 20th-26th July 2024  // 27th July-2nd August 2024 //  3rd -9th August 2024  // 10th-16th August 2024 // 17th-23rd August 2024 // 24th - 30th August 2024 // 31st August-6th September 2024 


750 euro for group of min  8 max 14 pax.

For groups under 6 people, please also  contact us.

Please ask our special prices for closed groups and Travel Agencies


Price Includes

Montis Trips & Expedition Mountain Leaders
All Kitchen Services
All Meals During The Treks
All Ground Transfers in The Program
Transfer of the Equipments
3* Hotel Accommodation (HB)
Personal Safety Equipment(Helmet, Ice-axe, Crampon, Safety harness)
General Safety Equipment( Ropes, Karabinas, etc.)
First Aid Kit
Entrance Fees for Historical Sights and Parks
Mt. Ararat Permits( 50 USD, subject to change )
Tent & Mattress

Sleeping Bag

-Small groups of 6-14 pax only with minimum 2 MONTIS Trips & Expeditions Mountain Leaders


Price Does Not Include


International Transfers, Domestic  Air Fares

Out Of Program Demands

Lunches During The Car Trips

Beverages in the hotels and restaurants

Backpack, Walking Sticks, etc.

Personal Gear




SNG Supplement:
95 Euro

NOTE: Due to permit procedures, fees and operational obligations price for non Turkish citizens is different than the prices for TR citizens. 




Our proper Mt Ararat expeditions have overnights in Dogubayazit and on the mountains. For exceptional itineraries which are specially built or extended tour programs may include overnights or stays in other places.

Hotel in Dogubayazit: Accommodation in Dogubayazit in tourist class hotels which has private facilities in the rooms. (3*, Ertur Boutique Hotel,

Camps: Camp with kitchen facilities. We provide 4 – 5 season tents for DBL accommodation. Single accommodation should be asked in advance. Every camp will have a kitchen tent or compartment. But only first camp has dining tent. We provide portable chairs and tables for dining in first camp only. Camps do not have shower and WC facilities.Guides instruct about these issues on your arrival to our camps.But we have water for personal cleaning in our camps.


At the basecamp we also serve hot dishes for breakfast and dinner. Lunches are served as lunch pack and hot dishes as well in the rest day. We have minimum 3 course for any meal beside the side dishes, snacks, biscuits, dried fruit, cereals and etc. Hot drinks are available all day long in the base camp for free. No beverages and no alcoholic drinks are sold at the basecamp but wine is occasionally served complimentarily.

Breakfast at the basecamp: Buffet

Black Tea,Herbal and Fruit Tea Sorts
Instant coffee , coffeemate ( cream ) , milk for coffee
Black olive
Green olive
White Cheese
Yellow Cheese ( Cheddar )
Cream cheese or gravier cheese
2 different sorts of jam
Cream Chocolate
Baked sausages , omlet with tomato and sausage for the first and the last day
Soup bread and cake late at night before the summit attempt as breakfast.


Lunch Pack

1 bar of chocolate wafer
2 packed cake
1 pack of cracker
200 ml fruit juice ( every day different sort)
80 gr – 180 gr of 1 canned food
1 Fresh fruit or vegetable (apple, cucumber etc.)
2 sheet of bread (Lavas)
1 sandwich (on the first day)
No tissues and no plastic fork and spoon, since we aim to produce  minumum  amount of non-bio degredable waste .

Dinner: Buffet

Soup (tomato, lentil, Mushroom with cream, vegetable, chicken)
Pasta or Rice sorts
Main Dish (Bean meal with meat or sausage, Orman Kebabı (A Turkish dish with meat), Mixed Vegetable Meal , Green bean meal with chicken )
Desert (Pudding , Kemal Paşa (A Turkish Desert ) , Sekerpare ( A Turkish Desert ), Cake with sherbet, fruit)





Travel Plan

Recommended Domestic Flights:


Arrival to Van Ferit Melen Airport:

Meeting time  :  11:15  

IST – VAN // TK2746 // 08.40 – 10.45    ( From İstanbul Airport to Van,  Ferit Melen Airport )
SAW – VAN // TK7202 // 07.00 – 09.00 ( From Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Van, Ferit Melen Airport )
ESB – VAN // TK7082 // 07.35 – 09.05 ( From Ankara Esenboğa Airport to Van, Ferit Melen Airport)
AYT – VAN // XQ7614 // 08.35 – 10.35 ( From Antalya Airport to Van, Ferit Melen Airport)

Departure  From Van Ferit Melen Airport:

 Transfer bus will be at Van Airport: 15:00

VAN – IST // 16.05 – 18.25 (From Van Airport to  İstanbul Airport)
VAN – ESB // 17.55 – 19.35 ( From Van Airport to Ankara Esenboğa Airport)


Arrival to Ağrı Ahmed-i Hani Airport:

Meeting Time : 16.00

IST – AJI // TK2730 // 13.25 – 15.35 ( From İstanbul Airport to Ağrı,Ahmed-i Hani Airport)
ESB – AJI // TK7096 // 12.45 – 14.20 (From Ankara Esenboğa Airport to Ağrı,Ahmed-i Hani Airport )

Departure From Ağrı Ahmed-i Hani Airport:

Transfer bus will be at Ağrı,Ahmed-i Hani Airport:  11.30

AJI – IST // TK2741 // 11.20 – 13.45 (From Ağrı,Ahmed-i Hani Airport to İstanbul Airport)
AJI – ESB // TK7097 // 13.55 – 15.35 (From  Ağrı,Ahmed-i Hani Airport to Ankara Esenboğa Airport)


Arrival to Iğdır Şehit Bülent Aydın Airport:

Meeting Time : 16.30

IST – IGD // TK2720 // 13.15 – 15.25 (From İstanbul Airport to  Iğdır, Şehit Bülent Aydın Airport)
SAW – IGD // TK7392 // 13.50 – 15.55 (From Sabiha Gökçen Airport  to  Iğdır, Şehit Bülent Aydın Airport)

ESB – IGD // TK7098 // 12.00 – 13.35 (From Ankara Esenboğa Airport to Iğdır, Şehit Bülent Aydın Airport)

Departure From Iğdır, Şehit Bülent Aydın Airport:

Transfer bus will be at Iğdır, Şehit Bülent Aydın Airport: 13.00

IGD – IST // TK 2721 // 16.10 – 18.35 (From Iğdır, Şehit Bülent Aydın Airport to İstanbul Airport)
IGD – ESB // TK 7099 // 14.15 – 15.55 ( From Iğdır, Şehit Bülent Aydın Airport to Esenboğa Airport)


Note: Our company is not responsible about the changes on the flights by the operators or airlines.



Holders of most European passports,UK, Austrian, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish and US passports require visas. Visas must be obtained in advance, passengers need to obtain an e-visa prior to their arrival. This can be done online at for approximately US$20. The visa is valid for a stay of up to three months (dependent on passport holder’s nationality). For a longer stay a visa from a Turkish Embassy is required. Please click for visa requirements to Turkey for detailed information:


There are no mandatory vaccination requirements.

Eating and Drinking

Food in Turkey is generally very good and varied, making use of fresh local ingredients. Breakfasts normally include boiled eggs, omelets, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, honey or jam and yoghurt, olives and bread. Picnic lunches are provided for trekking days.
Hotels in this trip are specialized in local dishes such as beef dishes, pasta, pide with vegetable meals and soup. Vegetarians are well catered for.


If travelling in July and August you must be prepared for high temperatures up to 38 deg C down in the cities. Protracted spells of bad weather are unlikely at any time of July and August in the cities. However, Mt Ararat is quiet different than this.The Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey has a reputation of the worst, the coldest and driest general weather conditions. But as all mountains Mt Ararat has its own weather and climate characteristics. Mt Ararat is a strato volcano that self stands on a huge plateau. That is why it collects all the clouds that rise during the day by heating. That creates its precipitation characteristics. Ararat Mountain generates its own weather conditions; it is not wise to depend on weather forecasts. The peak is subject to severe winds, and sudden changes in temperature.. One has to be equipped for the worst, and one has to know when to quit. Daytime temperature is usually 16-24 C degrees and night temperatures are -5 to 12 C degrees at the campsites without windchill affect. But the temperature can decrease to -15 C degrees above the second camp to the top.

Is this trip for you?

Activity Level: 4-5 (Moderate-Hard)

This trip gives you the chance to climb the highest summit of Northern mountains of Turkey. Mt Kackar is also one of the highest summits of Turkey as well. The region is known as the Swiss Alps of Turkey. En route from and to airport we have chance to visit the highlights such as Tortum Waterfalls and Georgian. However, to enjoy this trip to the full, a fair level of fitness and physique are required.

We have a day-off to rest at the basecamp if this day is not spent as a reserve day in case of bad weather or so. Trip leaders may take you a lovely hike from camp back to camp. Depending on the weather, we have an opportunity to enjoy a bath in the creek as well as lakes. So, a pack-towel and swimsuit might be a good idea. Then, you do not miss a Turkish Hamam option with your own bathing clothes. Please note that the Tour Leader reserves the right to refuse participation of any client on any activities on safety grounds or if they feel that their participation will compromise the safety and enjoyment for the rest of the group.

The order of activities, trekking routes may be changed to suit local weather conditions.


You are recommended to have a duffle bag. Only a day pack will be carried during the day. Duffle bags will be transferred by vehicles and mules to the camp.

Transportation Of The Equipments

Your entire luggage will be transferred to the hotel by coach. We use trucks and / or a coach again to transport the luggage and only coach for passengers depending on the size of the group. Luggage, equipment and camping stuff is carried by the mules to the camps (Cevirme Village,2200 m- Camp 1,3350 m – Camp 2, 4200 m – Camp 1, 3350 m, CevirmeVillage, 2200 m )

Equipment List


Click here to download equipment list

For further infomation please send us an email to

Contact Us
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