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Kackar Trek & Summit Tour  

Exploring Green Hills of Black Sea and High Pastures


Best Season

Tour Type



: 10 Days

: July – August - September

: Trekking-Climbing

: Camp-Lodge

: Moderate



Kackar Mountains are the most important trekking centre of Turkey. The most beautiful trekking routes are found at this marvelous terrain between the highlands ( Yaylas ) which were used for thousand years by the locals.  These highlands are connected each other inside of forest trails, high hills or passages over 3000 m. These trails were always effective on this terrain’s endless tolerance, rich culture and ethnicity. Not only the farm animals and news from other villages, at the same time folk songs, language and folk tales were passed one highland to another by these trails. On these mountains Georgians, Armenians, Lazes and Turks lived together for a long time and performed a collective cultural structure. We are going to learn and live local names of villages, folk dances and tales of this cultural treasure on our treks. 


On out tour we will be on the south side of Kackar Mountains. Especially during the summer period green and flowered valleys, stable weather conditions are the most important differences than the other parts of these mountains.  You can find exciting mountains lakes, historical churches, living and also forgotten highland villages. We will trek through the rivers and all green forests.

Our program is advised to the trekkers who would like to walk long trails and consecutive days as much as to the ones who would like to rest between trail days. Because our comfortable pensions will give you opportunity to stay and rest any day you want. Our program has only two bases that we are going to be back after every trail.  Our dinners will be ready when we arrive and will have always time to have hot shower for refreshing.

One condition is necessary to join this program; to love nature. You will find be loved back in this tour.  


Itinerary Outline

Day 1: Erzurum - Tortum Waterfalls - Öşvank Church – Barhal – Check-in to the pension

Day 2: Barhal - Şabangil - Kilyon – Barhal Trek

Day 3: Barhal – Marsis Summit (3334 m.) – Barhal - Transfer to Heveg (Yaylalar) pension 

Day 4: Heveg - Aksav - Modut - Mikelis – Heveg (Yaylalar) Trek

Day 5: Karamolla - Sulementa - Varhal – Demirdöven – Heveg (Yaylalar) Trek

Day 6: Yaylalar – Dilberduzu Base Camp

Day 7: Dilberduzu – Mt Kackar Summit (3933 m.) – Dilberduzu Base Camp

Day 8: Dilberduzu (Spare day)

Day 9: Dilberduzu - Yaylalar

Day 10: Transfer to Erzurum







Day 1: Erzurum - Tortum Waterfalls - Osvank Church – Barhal – Check-in to the pension

We will meet the participants due to the flights mentioned below. After our brifing we will be on the way to Yusufeli. On the way we will visit Tortum Waterfall and Osvank Church. For lunch and final needs we will stop at Yusufeli. Then we will continue to Barhal Village that we are going to stay for 2 days in the hearth of Kackar Mountains. Our dinner is at our pension. 


Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 5 hours.

Approx. Trek Time:-

Meals included: Dinner

Day 2: Barhal - Sabangil - Kilyon - Barhal

After early breakfast we get prepared for our first trek. At the end of the day we will be back to our pension so we will not need to check out from the pension. We will start our trek from our pension and walk from the main road about 3 km. to a concrete bridge. Our trek starts from this point into a narrow valley and and ascent with a zig-zag pathway. We will see bear nail traces on the electric poles and will reach to a characteristic living. highland neighbourhood. Here is Sabangil. Small, clean village with lovely people. After a short break we will continue to village Kilyon; inside of the forest will be covered with pine needles and cones. Singing birds will accompany us on this peaceful trail. We will fill our water bottles from fountain of the village. Then we will descend to Barhal, our pension through an earth road. We will have time to cool down on the riverside close to our pension. Our dinner will be waiting for us.     


Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: -

Approx. Trek Time: 5 hours

Meals included: Breakfast – Lunch Box – Dinner


Day 3: Barhal – Marsis Summit (3334 m.) – Barhal - Transfer to Heveg (Yaylalar) pension

Early in the morning after breakfast we will be back to Amanasket. This time we will be for the legendary Marsis Summit. This summit is very well known by the locals who are living on south and north side. And there is a famous Black Sea Turkish Music Band name is also Marsis taken from this legend. We will drive again to the start  point of Amanesket valley. This time we will take another path to Marsis. In a few hours we will be on rocky route without technical difficulty. We will have rest and lunch at the summit and start to descend to our vehicle. In the afternoon our vehicle will be waiting for us to take us to our next and final pension. After a quick preparation and rest, we will be on the way to our pension to have dinner.  


Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 1 hour

Approx. Trek Time: 6 saat

Meals included: Breakfast – Lunch Box – Dinner

Day 4: Heveg - Aksav - Modut - Mikelis - Heveg (Yaylalar)


Today we will start our trek from our pension. After our breakfast we start our slowly ascending trail through Aksav Valley. We will ascend through the Aksav stream in green field and flowers. On our last attempt we will reach a long concave passage to the Modut highland village. This is one of the most popular and alive village in the area. From here we will descend from zig-zag car road to the skirts of Mikalis village. Then we will take a narrow path inside of the planting terraces of Mikalis until we reach to the centre of the village. Our vehicle will be waiting for us on the entrance of the village to take us to our pension.   Our dinner is at our pension. 

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 30 min. 
Approx. Trek Time: 6 hours 30 min.
Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch Box – Dinner


Day 5: Karamolla - Sulementa - Varhal - Demirdoven/Zamevan - Heveg (Yaylalar)

When you look at from patio of our pension you can see most of the part of passage that we are going to trek today. After our breakfast and a short trip with our vehicle, we will arrive our start point in Karamolla neighbourhood. We will start to ascend to the ridge of highest hill and our next 2 hour aim is to reach to the Sabahda Passage. Bulut Mountains, valleys with streams will be in our vision from this highest point. Following Sorunpiyat stream on our left, we will descent to the one of the most secret and abandoned village Sulemanta.  After our lunch break will continue to descend to the stream side and will continue through a rocky path following the valley hillside, getting into the forest and arrive to living village Veknal. After Veknal having the car road short a while, your guide will enter to hidden entrance of last trail from to the road which will arrive to our final destination today; Zamevan as known as nowadays Demirdogen village. Our vehicle will take us to our pension for dinner and to have rest.    


Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 30 min.

Approx. Trek Time: 8-9 hours

Meals included: Breakfast – Lunch Box – Dinner


Day 6: Yaylalar – Olgunlar - Dilberduzu Camp site 


In the morning we will have breakfast then we will set off from Yaylalar Village. After a short drive first drive up to Olgunlar (Meredet) Village. We will begin our trekking from Olgunlar to head for hiking to Dilberdüzü where is considered base camp of Kaçkar Mountain’s classical route. White sparkling cascade streams from all over the mountain accompany us on our hike. Sometimes we will jump over streams. We will reach our base camp in Dilberdüzü from a gentle green plato on pathway. Dilberdüzü is very green, high plato between streams. Our base camp will set up here. After settle down in our tent, we will have a quite delighted dinner then get last information about climbing. We will have some short preparations and then have rest in these marvellous skirts of Mt Kaçkar.

Approximate Vehicle Transfer: 15 min

Approximate Altitudes: Yaylalar (Heveg) Village, 2300 m; Olgunlar (Meredet) Village, 2140m; Dilberdüzü Base Camp, 2750 m

Approximate Trek Time: 3 Hours

Meals Included: Dinner: Breakfast- Lunch Box- Dinner


Day 7: Dilberduzu – Mt Kackar Summit (3933 m.) – Dilberduzu Base Camp

We get up earlier, around the sunrise and start climbing. First target to climb up is Sea Lake. Sea Lake is a nice glacier lake is a nice spot to have a morning break. After that we will climb up to passage to pass massive of Mt Kaçkar. First we hike up slowly to passage and then descend safely from a very steeply way. Here are main Kaçkar massive with its magnificent beauty. We will arrive Kaçkar massive in a slowly and safely way then climb up to summit carefully. We are planning to be in summit at noon. According to the weather and physical conditions in the mountain and also our participants’ demands we will have break at the summit in a lot of joy. And then we will climb down from the way we hike up. We will climb down to our base camp after a long break at Sea Lake which is a nice glacier lake and a nice spot. Nearly evening we will be arrive in our base camp. We will have a rest in a good atmosphere of Dilberdüzü.

Approximate Climbing Time:  8-12 Hours

Approximate Altitudes: Dilberduzu Base Camp, 2750 m, Sea Lake, 3380 m; Kackar Mountain Summit, 3937 m

Meals Included: Dinner: Breakfast- Lunch Box- Dinner


Day 8: Dilberduzu (Spare day)

We have a spare day just in case of any bad weather or increase the chance to summit with a second day attempt. If not, we will enjoy the campsite and the surroundings. This campsite is always worth to stay one easy day longer. We will hike around and explore the natural beauties.


Approximate activity Time:  -

Approximate Altitudes: Dilberdüzü Base Camp, 2750 m

Meals Included: Dinner: Breakfast- Lunch - Dinner


Day 9: Dilberduzu - Yaylalar

We will start the day with a leisurely morning. We will need a good rest because we will be climb up one of the heights mountain of Turkey. After breakfast we will pack our camp up, departure from Dilberdüzü. We will drive down to Olgunlar (Meredet) Village first passing by streams. Here we will have picnic lunch beyond the yayla on the bank of nice stream. Following that we will drive through our pension in Yayla. At this afternoon if you want you can have rest in our comfortable pension or you can join one of our surrounding short trekking with our leader.

Approximate activity Time: 3 Hours
Meals Included: Dinner: Breakfast- Lunch Box- Dinner

Day 10: Transfer to Erzurum

After a leisurely breakfast we prepare our luggage. Our flights are at the evening time so we have time to see around and historical Erzurum. We will have stops at Barhal and Yusufeli. Then we will arrive to Erzurum at lunch time over passing Tortum, we will visit Erzurum’s historical markets, Cifte Minare, Erzurum Castle. We will be at the airport around 18.00.


Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 5-6 hours
Meals included: Breakfast

Tour Dates & Tour Price

Best Season:June/ July / August 

​Please ask for new prices for group of min  6, max 14 pax.

For groups under 6 people, please also  contact us.

Please ask our special prices for closed groups and Travel Agencies

Price Includes

MONTIS Trips & Expeditions Leader & Guiding (English Speaking)
All ground transfers mentioned in the program    

All meals mentioned in the program
Full board accommodation at twin rooms mentioned

All camping equipment and utilities ( Tents, Mattresses, Kitchen utensils )
All general safety equipment

Entrance fees for historical sights and parks
First aid kit


Price Does Not Include

Flights, ground transfers to the meeting point (Erzurum)

Personal equipment (Backpack, walking poles, shoes etc.)

Out of program demands and expenses

Meals which are not mentioned in the program








Barhal Pension in Altiparmak , Yusufeli, Artvin: This lovely local houses located at the entrance of the village. Bungalows have private bathroom and WC facilities. The landlord Mustafa has delicious local dishes for dinner and breakfast is feasty at here. This is our favourite place to stay in Barhal.

Camyuva Pension in Yaylalar, Yusufeli, Artvin: This is the well known place in Heveg. This family run pension is the centre point of the trekkers, skiers and mountain lovers. A tourism symbol of the region.Rooms have private facilities and meals are served in a cosy dining hall.

MONTIS Basecamp in Dilberduzu: Participants stays in dbl tents. We have a kitchen tent, mess tent to dine with portable tables&chairs and cabinet toilet facilities at the basecamp. Basecamp is located near by a little creek where guests can enjoy a refreshing bath on this meadow.







Travel Plan

Recommended Domestic Flights:


This itinerary starts and ends in Erzurum Airport in Turkey. Some domestic flights are recommended to /from Erzurum to connect flights to international flights. Please ask for a confirmation before you purchased your flights.

Itinerary can be customized for individuals and groups due to their travel plan. Domestic flights, extra tours and city sightseeing can be added to form an itinerary from/to Ankara and/or Istanbul. Please contact us for any requests.


Note: Our company is not responsible about the changes on the flights by the operators or airlines.



Holders of most European passports,UK, Austrian, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish and US passports require visas. Visas must be obtained in advance, passengers need to obtain an e-visa prior to their arrival. This can be done online at for approximately US$20. The visa is valid for a stay of up to three months (dependent on passport holder's nationality). For a longer stay a visa from a Turkish Embassy is required. Please click for visa requirements to Turkey for detailed information:




There are no mandatory vaccination requirements.

Eating and Drinking


Food in Turkey is generally very good and varied, making use of fresh local ingredients. Breakfasts normally include boiled eggs, omelets, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, honey or jam and yoghurt, olives and bread. Picnic lunches are provided for trekking days.
Lodges in this trip are specialized in local fish (trout) dishes, others in various beef dishes with vegetable meals and soup. Vegetarians are well catered for.




If travelling in July and August you must be prepared for high temperatures up to 38 deg C down in the cities. However, the places where the lodges are located have a nice cool weather, refreshing breezes at day time. Rain is not rare. it is not always possible to avoid the heat of the midday sun. The occasional storm can't be ruled out. Protracted spells of bad weather are unlikely at any time of July and August.


Is this trip for you?


Activity Level: 3 (Moderate)


Click here to see the difficulty grading

This trip gives you the chance to see Kackar mountains, high alps and local seasonally settlements which are called Yaylas. En route from and to airport we have chance to visit the highlights such as Tortum Waterfalls and Georgian. However, to enjoy this trip to the full, a fair level of fitness and physique are required. 
The itinerary is very active and long periods of time are spent outdoors. Anyone can have a day-off, rest in the lodge and enjoy the village in case they get tired. There on few of the treks we have an opportunity to enjoy a bath in the rivers as well as lakes. So, a pack-towel and swimsuit might be a good idea. Then, you do not miss a Turkish Hamam option with your own bathing clothes. Please note that the Tour Leader reserves the right to refuse participation of any client on any activities on safety grounds or if they feel that their participation will compromise the safety and enjoyment for the rest of the group. 
The order of activities, trekking routes may be changed to suit local weather conditions.




You are recommended to have a duffle bag. Only a day pack will be carried during the day. Duffle bags, suitcases will be transferred by vehicles from lodge to another once at the spot.


Click here to download equipment list

For further infomation please send us an email to

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