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Cappadocia Trek

Exploring Fairy Land  With The Stories Of The Very First Christians


Best Season

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: 5 Days

: April-May, September-October

: Trekking

Cave Hotel

: Moderate

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Cappadocia is one of the unique places in Turkey and the World. An extraordinary story of the geology resulted as this fairy land. An artistic sculpturing of nature turned some volcanic tuff deposits into a fantastic landscape. Minaret shape pillars of rocks rises from the valleys of Cappadocia among the vineyards. Rock carved  
ancient houses and hidden churches with wall paintings still stand in amazing spots. Past hugs present in daily life in Cappadocia where we have some of the most beautiful hikes of Anatolia. This trip, for no doubt, will put a spell on every visitor’s life. 


Itinerary Outline

Day 1: Arrival to Kayseri or Nevşehir Airport –Transfer to Hotel - Briefing – Lunch - Trek in Red Bowl (Kizilcukur) and Rose valleys (Gulludere)-Goreme
Day 2: Kaymaklı Underground City-Ihlara Canyon Trek-Selime Cathedral-Nar Lake

Day 3: Trek in non touristical valleys  of Cappadocia . Kavak Village-Bahçeli Village-Ayvalı Village-Gomeda - Town of Sinasos
Day 4: Gomeda- Uzengi vadisi-Ortahisar-Meskendir valley-Cavusin
Day 5: Trek in Love Valley, White Valley  to Uchisar Castle-Transfer to Airport






Day 1: Arrival to Kayseri or Nevşehir Airport –Transfer to Hotel - Briefing – Lunch - Trek in Red Bowl (Kizilcukur) and Rose valleys (Gulludere)-Goreme

 After your arrival the one of airports of Cappadocia, we will pick you up from airport and transfer to our hotel.(Tranfer time is 1 hour 15 mins from Kayseri Airport, 45 mins from Nevsehir Airport) After check in , we will have a short transfer to the place named Kızılvadi (Red valley) panoramic view point in the area of Ortahisar Town. After a brief plan of the walk and enjoying spectular view of red and rose valleys, also “Table Top Mountain” (Bozdag-Dark Mountain), we start our half day hike with a short descend to a family oriented restaurant-cafe at the bottom of the bowl named Kizilcukur. We will meet very indivudual guy , Haci Ibrahim, who is the father of the family. We are sure, you will love his friendly chat . After a tradiaonal and delicious home made meals, we will take the key of very special church named Grape Church, 6th Centuary A.D. You will hear very interesteing stories of very first christians, meaning of the colors and wall paintings, story of Saint Niketas who lived and died on the top of that fairy chimney,  etc. from your bilingual trekking guide.
  After those informative visit in to this rock cut churh, we will head to other ones by walking from Red Bowl ( kizilcukur ) to Rose Valley. While this part of the trek, we start to see magnificient colors of million years old volcanic ash layers at the skirts of Bozdag and also started to hear the jeological formation process of Cappadocia from our guide. 

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 2,5 hours.

Approx. Trek Time:3 Hours

Meals included: Lunch-Dinner

Day 2: Kaymaklı Underground City-Ihlara Canyon Trek-Selime Cathedral-Nar Lake

After breakfast ,we will have a 30 min. tranfer for Kaymakli Underground City on the way to Ihlara Canyon.There are more than 135 discovered underground cities in Cappadocia region.This is the one of the biggest and deepest . You will be amazed with the stories and the survival technics of the first christians. After our 45 min visit to the underground city , we will have arround 1 hour transfer to the beginning point of our 14 Km. walk today. We visit the churches en route such as Kokar Church, Kirkdamalti Church, where there are beautiful wall paintings.By following the Melendiz River for 7 km. , we will arrive at the village of Belisirma for our refreshing lunch break just next to the river. After reloading of our batteries,  we start the second stage of Ihlara valley which is the most calm and integrated with nature. This  other 7 km walk ends with the arrival of Selime Cathedral. After visiting this unique rock cut cathedral,  it's time to go back. We will have a quick swim break chance at Nar Jeothermal Crater Lake which has still sulphure bubbles in it. (Swimming option depends on the season)


Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 3 hours.

Approx. Trek Time:5 Hours

Meals included: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner


Day 3: Trek in non touristical valleys  of Cappadocia . Kavak Village-Bahçeli Village-Ayvalı Village-Gomeda - Town of Sinasos

 After breakfast, we will hit the road, drive through Uchisar to Kavak village, which is one of the villages living by agriculture. Our walk will continue in an environment where fairy chimneys are not seen, but the orchards of large fields are dominated and we will reach to the village of Bahceli. Our path will pass by a fountain from the Ottoman era and continue through the old Greek houses towards Ayvali. After having our lunch in the village of Ayvali, we will reach Gomeda by following the small creek in the valley. We will probably cross the greenest valley of Cappadocia. After our visit in the Gomeda, which is Anatolian Christianity settlement area, we will meet with our vehicle in the junction of a paved road and tarmac . We will drive shortly and make a short city visit in the ancient Anatolian Chrisitian town of Sinasos .Time to drive back to our hotel for a rest.  

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 1 hours.

Approx. Trek Time:5 Hours

Meals included: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner


Day 4: Gomeda- Uzengi vadisi-Ortahisar-Meskendir valley-Cavusin

Today, we will start  our walk from where we left in the Gomeda valley and  will continue in the Uzengi valley. In the first few K’s , we will pass under the huge natural bridges that we will admire what water can do. This green valley will take us to Osman uncle's little camellia to drink “the freshest squeezed fruit juices in Cappadocia.  From here we will take a hilly dirt road between grape ,apricot and plum yards . At the end of the road, we will enjoy the view of Ortahisar castle with its panoramic beauty. After a delicious lunch break in this old Greek village , we will have a short transfer to Kizilvadi Panoramic View point, which we visited on the first day. This time we will follow dark tunnels and metal ladders to explore The Red Valley (Kizilvadi) . We will walk till Goreme with a pleasant visual satisfaction. After some drinks we will have a dinner. We may need  some rest before the last day of our journey. 

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 1 hours.

Approx. Trek Time:5 Hours

Meals included: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner

Day 5: Trek in Love Valley, White Valley  to Uchisar Castle-Transfer to Airport

After breakfast, we will have a short transfer to the enterance of  Love Valley. While passing between  grape  yards , we will start to see huge fairy chimneys in distance. After a delicious photo break with those huge fairy chimneys, our gentle path will take us to inside of  White Valley . After 1:30 hour ,we will start to see Uchisar Castle in distance.That is the town, we will have our lunch. After our lovely tradional lunch break, we will climb up to the top of the castle to see what we did last days with the  360 cappadocia view. After our lovely 5 day experience in Cappadocia, time to say Goodbye and transfer to the airport .

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time:2 hours.

Approx. Trek Time:3-4 Hours

Meals included: Breakfast-Lunch





Tour Dates & Tour Price

Best Season: April-May / September-Ocrober

Please ask for new prices for group of min  6, max 14 pax.

For groups under 6 people, please  contact us.

Please ask our special prices for closed groups and Travel Agencies

Optional Hot Air Balloon Tour is one of the best ways to discover and explore the area of Cappadocia. While you are soaring between the rock formations in the deep valleys of Cappadocia onboard your Hot Air Balloon, you will close your eyes and listen to the sound of silence and peace.

Cappadocia Balloon Flights are getting more popular every year due to perfect weather conditions and amazing scenery which Cappadocia offers to the guests from all around the World.

Please contact with us about prices and avaibility in advance.


Price Includes

MONTIS Trips & Expeditions Leader & Guiding (English Speaking)
All Ground Transfers Mentioned In The Program    

All Meals Mentioned In The Program
Bed and Breakfast Accommodation At Twin Rooms Mentioned Hotels

First Aid Kit


Price Does Not Include

Entrance Fees For Historical Sights And Parks

Hot Air Balloon Tour 

Personal Equipment (Backpack, walking poles, shoes etc.)

Out Of Program Demands And Expenses

Meals Which Are Not Mentioned In The Program

Beverages In The Hotels And Restaurants,









Holiday Cave Hotel (or equivalent) in Cappadocia, Nevsehir: This unique Holiday Flintstones Cave Hotel, located on the southern corner of a small hill, sunshine from sunrise to sunset, has a beautiful garden, swimming pool.. When you are watching the breath-taking scenery of fairy chimneys and famous Pigeon Valley from your room.







Travel Plan

Recommended Domestic Flights:


This itinerary starts and ends in Kayseri or Nevsehir Airport in Cappadocia,Turkey. Some domestic flights are recommended to /from Cappadocia to connect flights to international flights. Please ask for a confirmation before you purchased your flights.

Itinerary can be customized for individuals and groups due to their travel plan. Domestic flights, extra tours and city sightseeing can be added to form an itinerary from/to Ankara and/or Istanbul. Please contact us for any requests.

Note: Our company is not responsible about the changes on the flights by the operators or airlines.



Holders of most European passports,UK, Austrian, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish and US passports require visas. Visas must be obtained in advance, passengers need to obtain an e-visa prior to their arrival. This can be done online at for approximately US$20. The visa is valid for a stay of up to three months (dependent on passport holder's nationality). For a longer stay a visa from a Turkish Embassy is required. Please click for visa requirements to Turkey for detailed information:




There are no mandatory vaccination requirements.

Eating and Drinking


Food in Turkey is generally very good and varied, making use of fresh local ingredients. Breakfasts normally include boiled eggs, omelets, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, honey or jam and yoghurt, olives and bread. Picnic lunches are provided for trekking days.
Restaurants in this trip are specialized in local  dishes (Beef,chicken and veggie pottery kebap, B
eef,chicken,trout and veggie clay pot, Ravioli Turk, mezes ,Lamb Tandouri, green salad and soup. Vegetarians are well catered for.




If travelling in July and August you must be prepared for high temperatures up to 36 deg C down in the valleys. Otherwise spring and Autum seasons are very suitable for trekking. Tempretature is arround 20-25  C. day time. Rain is rare, especially in Spring.(Possible drizzles and showers)  Autumn is mostly dry.In winter time, Cappadocia gets cold and snowy. Tempereature raises maximum  4-5 C day time , and min - 10- 12 C night time.


Is this trip for you?


Activity Level: 3 (Moderate)


Click here to see the difficulty grading

This trip gives you the chance to see valleys of Cappadocia with diffrent shapes of Fairy Chimneys, rock dwellings ,rock cut churches, wineries, beehives undergprund cities and pigeon lofts. Also to taste apple tea and folcloric cousine of the area. We will have chances to pick and taste seasonal fruits like "apricot, cherry, mullberry, quince, grapes ,apples, pears, wallnuts, torn-apple, blackberry etc.".


 However, to enjoy this trip to the full, a fair level of fitness and physique are required. 

The itinerary is very active and long periods of time are spent outdoors. Anyone can have a day-off, rest in the hotel and enjoy the town in case they get tired. There is one trek we have an opportunity to enjoy swim in Crater Lake named Nar Lake on the way back from Ihlara Canyon Trek on day 2.  So  a pack-towel and swimsuit might be a good idea. 


Please note that the Tour Leader reserves the right to refuse participation of any client on any activities on safety grounds or if they feel that their participation will compromise the safety and enjoyment for the rest of the group. 

The order of activities, trekking routes may be changed to suit local weather conditions.




You are recommended to have a duffle bag. Only a day pack will be carried during the day. Duffle bags, suitcases will be transferred by vehicles from lodge to another once at the spot.


Click here to download equipment list


For further infomation please send us an email to

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