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Anti Taurus Trans & Cappadocia Trekking Tour 

Trek the Anatolian Dolomites & The Land of Fairy Chimneys


Best Season

Tour Type



: 14 Days

: June-July-August -September

: Trekking

: Camp & Hotels 

: Moderate



Turkey is a wonderland with its diverse region. Any corner of the country is varied than every single else. Mountains are the ones we like the most. Luckily we have more than enough to devote a life for exploration. Taurus Mountain Range is one of the chains in Turkey which lays along the south coast of Turkey and southern Central Anatolia. This gigantic mountain chain has a few sub-chains such as Aladaglar. Aladaglar is also named as Anti-Taurus Mountains. No doubt, this part of the Taurus Mountains is the most visited region. As a national park Aladaglar is an absolute mountain paradise. A fascinating flora, a wild fauna inhabit in the region. That is why not only the sport enthusiasts but also the wild life observers come to region for an amazing experience. The locals in the region used to have a nomadic and semi-nomadic life style. However, just a few tribes and families still keep the tradition to set up seasonal camps for their sheep and goat herds.


In this white lime stone region, mountains rises up to almost 3800 m from the deep valleys. The region is temporarily dyed into crimson color during the sunset time. Aladaglar takes its name and beauty from this pinkish-to-orange tone.


Aladaglar has been our home for a long while. We designed this itinerary with our experienced guides to ensure the fulfilment of your trekking dreams in the region. The route passes through the high passes, green high pastures where locals put their summer tents and over some of the most scenic spots including summits. We have no lifts, no mountain huts in the region. That means we have pure nature avoided from the crowds. Lonely trails, well equipped camps and self-conscious & well-trained staff are the key words for this trekking trip.


We will keep on trekking in worldwide known Cappadocia after the mountain part of the tour. Cappadocia is frankly the highlight of Anatolia! An extraordinary story of the geology resulted as this fairy land. An artistic sculpturing of nature turned some volcanic tuff deposits into a fantastic landscape. Minaret shape pillars of rocks rises from the valleys of Cappadocia among the vineyards. Rock carved ancient houses and hidden churches with frescoes still stand in amazing spots. The past just hugs the present in daily life in Cappadocia where we have some of the most beautiful hikes of Anatolia. This part of the trip puts a spell on every visitor’s life.


In this itinerary the trails in Cappadocia will take you into the deep history of Anatolia as well as the outstanding geological story. Trekking along the valleys is the best way to explore without missing anything out. We keep a day in the itinerary to enjoy the local experiences as well. Authentic accommodations, tasty local dining, wonder of local arts, flying over the fairy chimneys in a hot balloon will be unique experiences beside the trekking trails.


We invite you this ‘’once in a life time experience’’!

Itinerary Outline

Day 1: Arrival at Kayseri Airport. Transfer to Aladaglar.
Day 2: Emli Valley – Mangirci Valley – Alaca Yayla – Oluksekisi Yayla – Emli Valley Trek
Day 3: Emli Valley – Aksampinari Yayla – Eznevit Yayla – Sokulupinar Trek
Day 4: Sokulupinar – Dipsizgol – Sokullupinar Trek
Day 5: Sokulupinar – Karayalak Valley – Celikbuyduran Pass – Mt Emler Summit – Yedigoller Plateau Trek
Day 6: Yedigoller Trek
Day 7: Yedigoller Plateau Camp – Hasta Hocanin Yaylasi – Teke Kalesi Pass – Karagol Trek 
Day 8: Karagol – Maden Gorge Trek – Transfer to Guzelyurt  
Day 9: Ihlara Valley – Belisirma Village – Selime Monastery Trek – Visit Derinkuyu and transfer to Goreme
Day 10: Kavak Village-Bahçeli Village-Ayvalı Village-Gomeda Trek . Visit Sinasos Town.
Day 11: Gomeda- Uzengi Valley-Ortahisar-Meskendir Valley-Cavusin Monastery Trek
Day 12: Love Valley - White Valley-Uchisar Citadel – Pigeon Valley – Goreme Trek 
Day 13: Activity day in Cappadocia.
Day 14: Transfer to Kayseri Airport.Return






Day 1: Arrival at Kayseri Airport. Transfer to Aladaglar.

We will meet our participants at Kayseri Airport. Please see the recommended flights & travel plan in FAQ. We will have lunch in Kayseri and have a short briefing about the trip before we head off to Aladaglar National Park. Our camp is ready for you! Just check-in your tents and enjoy the lovely environment. Depending on our timing and schedule we have chance to have a short walk. We will enjoy the view with drinks at our camp.

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 2 hours
Approx. Trek Time: ---
Meals included: Lunch – Dinner

Day 2: Emli Valley – Mangirci Valley – Alaca Yayla – Oluksekisi Yayla – Emli Valley Trek

In the morning, just after a breakfast feast we hike up to Mangirci Gorge, climb up to Alaca Yayla (Plateau) where we will walk along cedar and juniper trees. National Park has just a few forests among the rocky mountains. In this part of region, the forest where a great flora & fauna inhabit is very vulnerable. With spectacular views of southern Aladaglar region we will access to Alaca Yayla, most probably some shepherds will be around during summer season to graze their sheep. After having lunch by the spring we descend down to camp via Oluksekisi, another old semi-nomad camp. We spend the night at the Emli Valley Camp.


Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: -
Approx. Trek Time: 5 – 6 hrs
Meals included: Breakfast – Lunch Pack – Dinner

Day 3: Emli Valley – Aksampinari Yayla – Eznevit Yayla – Sokulupinar Trek

We will pack our luggage before breakfast and check out. The luggage will be transferred by 4x4 vehicles. We will walk via Emli Valley along a nice juniper forest again. Aksampinari Yayla is a big campground and it is a hub for a few other valleys. We will turn to N-NW direction to climb up to Eznevit. Eznevit Yayla is a campsite inhabited by semi-nomadic families and shepherds who might invite us for some drinks and will visit their tents to see their original life style during the time they are on the mountains. The way to the yayla and itself might have the most scenic spots of the southern region. We will enjoy the panorama of the high rocky peaks. After we are rewarded with good views over the surrounding area we will keep walking towards Sakartas. From Sakartas we will descend to Sokulupinar, where you will spend the night at our comfortable campsite.


Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: -
Approx. Trek Time: 6 hrs
Meals included: Breakfast – Lunch Pack – Dinner

Day 4: Sokulupinar – Dipsizgol – Sokullupinar Trek

After breakfast we will follow the dirt road to Arpalik plateau. In Arpalik Plateau, we sometimes have chance to meet some Semi Nomadic shepherds. Then we climb the trails up to the Tekepinari (Billygoat’s Spring) where we may see alpine ibexes grazing on the high plateaus. We hike on narrow paths following the creek bed to the Dipsiz Lake. On the way we will have beautiful views to the north wall of Mt. Demirkazik (3.756m). After a lunch break at the lakeside we will return to our camp via the same route. Depending on the weather condition we have chance to swim in the lake! Be prepared for it and keep your pack towels.
We will spend the night at Sokulupinar Camp.


Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: -
Approx. Trek Time: 6-7 hrs
Meals included: Breakfast – Lunch Pack – Dinner

Day 5: Sokulupinar – Karayalak Valley – Celikbuyduran Pass – Mt Emler Summit – Yedigoller Plateau Trek

After an early breakfast we will start hiking to the highest camp of the trip. A caravan of mules will be packed and our luggage will be transferred on mules. Following the valley base of Karayalak Valley we climb up to Celikbuyduran Pass (3450m). Just before the pass we stop by the spring and have lunch. After a slow and gradual ascent we will reach the pass. If we feel good and time permits we can climb up to Mt Emler Summit (3723m). If not we can do it tomorrow. After the pass we will descent to Yedigoller (3.100m) plateau on a gentle downhill slope. Our campsite is near the biggest lake of the area.

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: -

Approx. Altitudes: Sokulupinar Camp, 2000 m – Celikbuyduran Pass, 3450 m – Mt Emler, 3723 m, High Camp, 3100 m
Approx. Trek Time: 7 hrs
Meals included: Breakfast – Lunch Pack – Dinner

Day 6: Yedigoller Trek

Today is a very relax day. After breakfast we will explore the remote trails on Yedigoller Plateau. We have a few options to trek. We can either climb Mt Emler (if we could not do it on previous day) or we can trek to Katırkırı to explore the post glacial formations and moon surface like plateau. We can also climb up to DKSK Summit which is 3700 m high to enjoy the wild view of the Aladaglar from a different aspect. We will go back to the biggest lake to enjoy the afternoon by the lakeside and swim.

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time:-

Approx. Altitudes: High Camp, 3100 m – DKSK Summit, 3700 m 
Approx. Trek Time: 5-6 hrs
Meals included: Breakfast – Lunch Pack – Dinner

Day 7: Yedigoller Plateau Camp – Hasta Hocanin Yaylasi – Teke Kalesi Pass – Karagol Trek

Another big day over big mountains is awaiting. We will load up our luggage and start trekking to the N. With a nice morning breeze we will reach Hasta Hocanin Golu which is the second largest lake on the plateau. We will have a break by the lake before climbing up t Teke Kalesi High Pass (3.517m). With a spectacular view to the north-west we descend down via a narrow path where we may meet ibexes grazing. Via Yildiz (star) Lake we descend down to Karagol where our camp is settled and ready. We will enjoy our drinks at the camp by the sunset.
Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time:-

Approx. Altitudes: High Camp, 3100 m – Hasta Hoca Lake, 3050 m – Teke Kalesi High Pass, 3500 m – Camp, 2870 m 
Approx. Trek Time: 6 hrs
Meals included: Breakfast – Lunch Pack – Dinner

Day 8: Karagol – Maden Gorge Trek – Transfer to Guzelyurt


Today is our last day on the mountains. We will hike down along the Maden gorge. We descend following mine roads and little creeks via Maden Gorge. At the end of the trail we will get on our van to dirve to a nice countryside restaurant for lunch. Now, it is time to say goodbye to Aladaglar. We will drive to Guzelyurt. Guzelyurt has its important place in the history of Christianity in Cappadocia. Gregory of Nazianzus lived in the area. There was a Christian (Greek) community in the area right up until the population exchange of 1924, when they were replaced with the Turks from Thessaloniki and Kavala. After check-in our hotel in Guzelyurt. We can stroll around the old town. 

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 2:00 hours
Approx. Trek Time: 3-4 hrs
Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 2 hrs
Meals included: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 9: Ihlara Valley – Belisirma Village – Selime Monastery Trek – Visit Derinkuyu and transfer to Goreme


We will have a short transfer to one end of the Ihlara Valley for our trekking. Ihlara Valley is a 14km long canyon with hundreds of rock cut rooms and churches. This valley proved to be an ideal place for monks to worship in seclusion, as well as provide a safe hideaway and place of defense for people during times of invasion. There are numerous dwellings, some of which are connected by tunnels and corridors. The decorations in the churches date from the 6th to the 13th centuries. The most known churches are Agacalti Church with cross plan, Sümbüllü Church, Pürenliseki Church, Kokar Church, Yilanli Church, Karagedik Church, Kirkdamatli Church, Direkli Church, Ala Church, Kemerli Church and Egritas Church. After having Lunch in Bellisirma village we drive to Selime to visit the Selime Monastery. A visit to this complex of buildings on a steep mountain slope is a must in the region. Afterwards we drive to Central Cappadocia. On our way we will visit underground city of Derinkuyu (8 floors, going to 64 m. under the ground), carved way back in the past as a shelter in times of siege and continuous raids, a huge hidden city under the plains of Central Anatolia, with 8 stories and the word “Swiss Cheese” is the best way to explain this structure. Holes are everywhere, up there, underneath your feet, on the right, left connecting each other with long tunnels. This breathtaking visit is always worth to do in Cappadocia. We will be in our hotel in Goreme late in the afternoon. Welcome to Cappadocia.

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 1 hr 20 min
Approx. Trek Time: 4-5 hrs
Meals included: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 10: Kavak Village-Bahçeli Village-Ayvalı Village-Gomeda Trek . Visit Sinasos Town

Today’s route is an absolutely away-from crowds style exploration. This trail is quite less visited but none of other route can be a better introduction to Central Cappadocia’s present life. A short ride in our van through Uchisar to Kavak village will take us to the start of our our trail. Kavak is one of the villages making their lives by agriculture. The trek of the day will be in an environment where none of the fairy chimneys are in the view, but the orchards of large fields dominate the scene. We will get to Bahceli Village after the first part of the trek. Our route will pass near a fountain from the Ottoman era and keep taking us through the old Greek houses towards Ayvali Village. After the lunch in Ayvali, we will reach Gomeda by following the small creek in the valley. We will probably cross the greenest valley of Cappadocia. We will visit Gomeda which is Anatolian Christianity settlement area. Then we will get on our van in the junction of a paved road and tarmac. We will drive shortly and make a short city to an Anatolian Chrisitian town named Sinasos. A lovely village with nice architecture is a nice spot to have short rest after the activity. You are welcome for a cup of Turkish coffee.
We will drive to Goreme to our hotel late in the afternoon. 

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 30 min
Approx. Trek Time: 5-6 hrs
Meals included: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 11: Gomeda- Uzengi Valley-Ortahisar-Meskendir Valley-Cavusin Monastery Trek

As we finished our trek in Gomeda, we will start the next day from Gomeda Village. For this, we will drive to Gomeda Village after breakfast.Starting from Gomeda Village we will hike in the Uzengi valley. In the first few kilometers we will pass under the huge natural bridges that we will admire what water can do. This green valley will take us to Uncle Osman’s little camellia to have a drink, the freshest squeezed fruit juices in Cappadocia.  From here we will take a uphill dirt road between grape, apricot and plum yards. At the end of the dirt road, we will enjoy the view of Ortahisar castle with its panoramic beauty. After a delicious lunch break in this old Greek village, we will have a short transfer to Kizilvadi Panoramic View point. This time we will follow dark tunnels and metal ladders to explore The Red Valley (Kizilvadi). We will hike to Cavusin where there is a huge rock carved monastery on steep tufa walls. We will get back to Goreme. After some refreshing drinks we will have dinner. 

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 30 min
Approx. Trek Time: 6 hrs
Meals included: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 12: Love Valley - White Valley-Uchisar Citadel – Pigeon Valley – Goreme Trek

We will have a very short ride in our private van to the entrance of Love Valley. A short trek among the grape yards in the valley will take us to a spot where we see the huge fairy chimneys in distance.  After the photo break a gentle trail along White Valley will take us to a flat land where Uchisar Citadel is in our panorama. Uchisar is the town where we will have deserved lunch. We will take you to a local lunch table full of mind-blowing local tastes! Then it is time to climb up to the top of the castle to see what we did last days with the 360 degree bird eye view! We will descent to Goreme along Pigeon Valley. 

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 15 min
Approx. Trek Time: 5 hrs
Meals included: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 13: Activity Day in Cappadocia

As Cappadocia has wonders for anyone behind the corners we reserve a day to let our participants enjoy any of the activities recommended by our experienced leaders. An active day will be prepared personally to ensure your sense of fulfilment from your greatest Cappadocia trip. Our trip leaders will either refer you any activity or even jump into the activity with you. Local cooking course, MTB rides, hot balloon, Turkish Hamam experience, pottery making ateliers and more others are in our list. Trip leader will inform you and you can pick up whatever you like. Of course, you have chance to have a lay back day on your own and celebrate this wonderful trip. 

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 14: Transfer to Kayseri Airport. Return

It is hardly time to say goodbye after an amazing time in Anatolia! We have our transfer to the airport. Wish you a safe journey back home. 

Approx. Vehicle Transfer Time: 1:30 hours

Meals Included: Breakfast




Tour Dates & Tour Price

Best Season: June-July-August -September

Please ask for new prices for group of min  6, max 14 pax.

For groups under 6 people, please also  contact us.

Please ask our special prices for closed groups and Travel Agencies

Price Includes


All transfers from/to Kayseri Airport 
Transportation of the luggage between the camps by 4x4 and mules
All HB hotel accommodations in TWN rooms 
All meals as stated in the itinerary
Camping Equipments (tents, mattresses and all necessary kitchen utensils & dinnerware)
Aladaglar National Park Entrance and camping fees



Price Does Not Include

Flights or ground transfers to the meeting point (Kayseri)

Personal equipment (sleeping bag*, backpack, walking poles, shoes etc.)

Out of program demands and expenses

Meals which are not mentioned in the program

Optional activities in Cappadocia

Extra transfers and accommodations

Alcholic drinks and beverages




*You can hire sleeping bag for 50 Euro pp for the mountain part of the trek






Hotels in Guzelyurt: The hotels we stay in Guzelyurt are old Greek buildings or rock carved cave rooms. A traditional architecture, spacious rooms, nice cuisine and tranquil atmosphere is a norm in the hotels of the town. 

Holiday Cave Hotel (or equivalent) in Cappadocia, Nevsehir: This unique Holiday Flintstones Cave Hotel, located on the southern corner of a small hill, sunshine from sunrise to sunset, has a beautiful garden, swimming pool.. When you are watching the breath-taking scenery of fairy chimneys and famous Pigeon Valley from your room.

Camps & Campground Facilities

Montis Camps in Aladaglar NP: In this tour, our camping service with kitchen and dining tents is provided. We stay in double mountain type tents in the camps used in our Aladaglar camp tours. Many of our camp sites are in greensward. Emli and Sokulupinar campgrounds have WC facilities, other camps have field toilets. There is no electricity in the camps. In addition to dining and gathering tents, there is also a kitchen tent.


At the camps we also serve hot dishes for breakfast and dinner. Lunches are served as lunch pack and hot dishes as well in the rest day. We have minimum 3 course for any meal beside the side dishes, snacks, biscuits, dried fruit, cereals and etc. Hot drinks are available all day long in the base camp for free. No beverages and no alcoholic drinks are sold at the basecamp but wine is occasionally served complimentarily.

Lunch & Dinner in Cappadocia is in restaurants as set menu with optional choices where available. No beverages and no alcoholic drinks are included.

A Sample Meal Plan on the Mountain

Breakfast at the basecamp: Buffet

Black Tea, Herbal and Fruit Tea Sorts
Instant coffee, coffeemate (cream ) , milk for coffee 
Black olive
Green olive 
White Cheese
Yellow Cheese (Cheddar)
Cream cheese or gravier cheese
2 different sorts of jam
Cream Chocolate
Hot breakfast dishes as baked sausages, omelet with tomato and sausage.

Lunch Pack

1 bar of chocolate wafer 
2 packed cake
1 pack of cracker 
200 ml fruit juice (every day different sort) 
80 gr – 180 gr of 1 canned food 
1 Fresh fruit or vegetable (apple, cucumber etc.) 
2 sheet of bread (Lavas) 
1 sandwich (on the first day) 
Plastic fork and spoon
Dinner: Buffet

Soup (tomato, lentil, Mushroom with cream, vegetable, chicken)
Pasta or Rice sorts
Main Dish (e.g. greenbeans with meat or sausage, Orman Kebabı (A Turkish dish with meat), mixed season vegetable meal , green bean meal with chicken ) 
Desert (Pudding , Kemal Paşa (A Turkish Desert )  , Sekerpare ( A Turkish Desert ), Cake with sherbet, fruit)

* Please inform us if you have any restrictions in your diet or any diet code is well catered if only informed in advance.







Travel Plan

Recommended Domestic Flights:

This itinerary starts and ends in Kayseri or Nevsehir Airport in Cappadocia,Turkey. Some domestic flights are recommended to /from Cappadocia to connect flights to international flights. Please ask for a confirmation before you purchased your flights.

Itinerary can be customized for individuals and groups due to their travel plan. Domestic flights, extra tours and city sightseeing can be added to form an itinerary from/to Ankara and/or Istanbul. Please contact us for any requests.

Note: Our company is not responsible about the changes on the flights by the operators or airlines.



Holders of most European passports,UK, Austrian, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish and US passports require visas. Visas must be obtained in advance, passengers need to obtain an e-visa prior to their arrival. This can be done online at for approximately US$20. The visa is valid for a stay of up to three months (dependent on passport holder's nationality). For a longer stay a visa from a Turkish Embassy is required. Please click for visa requirements to Turkey for detailed information:




There are no mandatory vaccination requirements.

Eating and Drinking

Food in Turkey is generally very good and varied, making use of fresh local ingredients. Breakfasts normally include boiled eggs, omelets, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, honey or jam and yoghurt, olives and bread. Picnic lunches are provided for trekking days.
Restaurants in this trip are specialized in local  dishes (beef, chicken and veggie pottery kebab, beef, chicken, trout and veggie clay pot, ravioli Turk, mezes ,lamb tandoori, green salad and soup. Vegetarians and other diet codes are well catered for.



Weather on the mountains and in Cappadocia is different due the altitude. In July and August daytime temperature is roughly between 22 C to 28C on the mountains, but hotter in Cappadocia, please be prepared for high temperatures up to 36 deg C down in the valleys. Rain is quite rare. Drizzles and showers are possible in the early and late season (beginning of June- end of September).  Please well equipped for colder nights on the mountains and fresh nights in Cappadocia. We will inform you about the weather reports in advance.

Is this trip for you?


Activity Level: 3 and 4 (Moderate-Hard)

Click here to see the difficulty grading

Trans Taurus Trek follows a gradually ascending route. We mostly will walk on mule paths on rocky and scree terrain. Although we climb up to high pastures, summits and high paths gradually, walking over 3000 m requires a serious preparation and fitness. Experienced hiker will enjoy the trek much more than the others. 
This trip gives you the chance to see valleys of Cappadocia with different shapes of Fairy Chimneys, rock dwellings ,rock cut churches, wineries, beehives underground cities and pigeon lofts. Also to taste apple tea and folcloric cousine of the area. We will have chances to pick and taste seasonal fruits like "apricot, cherry, mullberry, quince, grapes ,apples, pears, wallnuts, torn-apple, blackberry etc.".
Overall, to enjoy this trip to the full, a fair level of fitness and physique are required. 

The itinerary is very active and long periods of time are spent outdoors. Anyone can have a day-off in certain places (trip leaders will inform), rest in the hotel and enjoy the town in case they get tired. 

Please note that the tour leader reserves the right to refuse participation of any client on any activities on safety grounds or if they feel that their participation will compromise the safety and enjoyment for the rest of the group. 

The order of activities, trekking routes may be changed to suit local weather conditions.




You are recommended to have a duffle bag. Only a day pack will be carried during the day. Duffle bags, suitcases will be transferred by vehicles from lodge to another once at the spot.

Click here to download equipment list










For further infomation please send us an email to

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